Moon PHP micro-framework based on interchangeable PSR-only components


Incredibly flexible ecosystem

Moon micro-framework stands only on PSRs implementations. This gives you the possibility to make your more flexible applications and to change dependencies with no pain. Change a component or an entire ecosystem of components have never been so easy.

Terminal and Web

HTTP & CLI Ready

Moon is built for support both HTTP & CLI modern application with no overhead needed.
Simply specify routes/commands and all will works in a moment.


Blazing fast performance

Moon is one of the fastest frameworks out at the moment. Build super-fast and super-scalable application is incredibly easy. You can check all the benchmarks in the article published on this site.

Pipelines and Middlewares

Pipelines & Middlewares

Moon is built using pipelines (or http-middleware in PSR-15), for better and easier code reuse. Applications will be also easier to develop, test and debug. If you have never used this approach you can still use a MVC with no effort.

PHP Elephant

Built on latest PHP release

Moon work ONLY using the latest PHP versions encouraging developer to use modern, faster, cooler application. Why deprecated versions should be used and still supported?



Moon licensed under MIT.
Moon Framework is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.